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No surprises there

BCS Training Practitioner week was a great success in raising the profile of training practitioners in IT across the IT community.

We had a fabulous response to our poll with 463 people voting ‘yes’ in response to the question ‘Should IT Training, in its widest form, be recognised as a valuable career option within the IT Profession?’ and only 4 people voting ‘no’.

Of course, that is not too much of a surprise bearing in mind the audience that reads this blog and looks at the SG website – thanks to all who offered their support so emphatically.

But I want to know about the 4 who answered ‘no’.  I am sure there are many more in the wider world who, had they known about it, would also have answered ‘no’ and these are the people I really want to hear from.  Not to convince them that they are wrong but to open up a dialogue with them to discuss their reasons.  I am sure that they are very genuine ones and we, as a professional group, need to fully understand their resistance.

Please, therefore, if you are one of those people (or wish you had been) or you know of someone, please get in touch.  You can comment on this blog to open up the debate publicly or respond privately to me if you prefer.  I genuinely want to understand and would really appreciate your support in finding out how we are perceived.

By the way, the poll is being left open until the end of February, so you have the chance to respond, positively or negatively if you have not already done so.  It is not designed only for training practitioners, but for all IT Professionals so please forward this to anyone you know may have a view.

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